Pros and Cons of artificial lawns

The use of artificial grass has increased exponentially in the past few years and it is now an accepted part of the New Zealand landscapes in all sorts of applications. But is it right for every client’s needs?Readylawn’s Roger Morgan shares his expertise

Artificial grass comes in a vast range of types, colours, lengths and fibre densities, but the perfect turf for a landscape environment usually comes down to a client’s personal preference.

In my business, I sell both natural and articificial grass. While I admit I am a fan of real grass, I am also the first to accept its limitations and practicalities. They were made clear to me when we installed our first artificial lawn about 15 years ago due to a troublesome situation at a preschool – the dark shady lawn area was more dirt than grass and, despite constant attention, couldn’t grow natural grass. The artificial grass was perfect for the environment, and is still there today, albeit looking a little worse for wear.

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