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Versatile vista

With its minimalist aluminium design, VistaWall offers aesthetic appeal and low-maintenance durability to any outdoor space – the ultimate combination of form and functionality!

Fentec VistaWall is perfect for landscape designers and discerning homeowners, who want to make a property's boundary one of its statement features.

With four design options to choose from, featuring slats or palings, it is a versatile solution for any project.

Thanks to a strong aluminium construction and low maintenance requirements, VistaWall combines form and function to maximum effect.

Minimilist look, minimal effort

Designed to be quick and easy to install, with modular components and hidden fixings, VistaWall provides an instant minimalist aesthetic.

“VistaWall panels are supplied as a complete modular component kit, along with installation instructions for both horizontal and vertical styles,” explains Fentec representative Abby Treanor.

“Standard post options include in-ground and flanged top-mount applications, making it a versatile and simple system to install.”

Low maintenance for the long term

Once installed, VistaWall is a homeowner’s dream, as its high-quality aluminium construction provides long-term durability.

“Aluminium fencing combines strength and durability in a way that timber can’t match, as it doesn’t warp, twist, or split when exposed to the weather,” says Treanor.

“It is also virtually maintenance-free, only requiring an occasional cold wash to keep the sleek, powder-coated finish looking great for years."

Vistawall versatility

The sleek and modern VistaWall offers a range of options to suit style and privacy preferences.

Horizontal options are available in three heights – 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm – as slat or solid panels.

Vertical options are also available as slat or solid panels at 1800mm high.

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