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Straightcurve offers you an edge!

Get the low down on low retaining options with Straightcurve garden edging

Straightcurve offers straight and curved garden edging options in various sizes for a wide range of projects – from lawn and pathway edging, to low retaining, to raised or terraced beds.

Available in weathering (corten) or galvanised steel, this product is both functional and decorative. The larger sizes – such as the 400mm and 560mm options – can be used for retaining planting material and are commonly used to level out a slightly sloping, but not load-bearing, site.

Straightcurve garden edging products are up to 560mm high, so no consents are required under standard conditions, and they are ideal for terracing a section and retaining soil.

“Our garden edging is decorative rather than structural retaining, and therefore not meant to be used to retain significant loads, such a driveway or a neighboring house – it’s designed to retain its retained weight of soil,” explains director Shane Parker.

However, that doesn’t mean that Straightcurve has no place in landscapes with larger retaining walls.

“Due to its aesthetic appeal, landscapers sometimes use it as a façade for retaining walls, especially where it has been used elsewhere on a property.

“Available in straight or curved profiles – our garden edging is much more than a wall – it echoes the look and feel of your client’s landscape.” 


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