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Retaining & walling @PlaceMakers

Transform your client’s outdoors with retaining and walling options from PlaceMakers, where there’s something for every client’s needs

At PlaceMakers, we have everything you need to get your retaining work done right the first time. With a great range of options and expert advice, we can help you turn the serious business of retaining into something strong and beautiful.

Timber retaining

Timber's natural good looks makes it a popular material for retaining walls. You can use timber retaining to create a focal point in your garden, highlight a special feature, or level off areas to create a flat lawn.


Wooden sleepers are naturally durable and can be used for retaining walls, raised garden beds, pathways, steps, water features, or even furniture. Check out our wide range of new and reclaimed sleepers including pine, macrocarpa, hardwood and oak.

Retaining blocks

Retaining blocks come in a mix of quarried stone and earth-tone colours, which allow them to naturally blend in with any landscape. You can use blocks to create low-level retaining walls, tree rings, planters, and raised garden beds or to finish your lawn edge in style.

Gabion baskets

Gabion baskets are galvanised wire containers that you can fill with almost anything you want — rocks, straw, tiles, bricks, or grass! Gabions can be linked together to form structures that drain well and help to stabilise your soil. They look great as retaining walls or can be used to create feature objects in your garden.


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