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Third time lucky!

Guillaume Chabbert has been crowned the 2022 Young Landscaper of the Year at his third time of asking

Originally from France, Guillaume has been landscaping in New Zealand for six years and, at his final opportunity, has been crowned as the nation’s finest young landscaper.

“I’ve been in the industry for 11 years, so this was the last time I could enter, but I’ll be back next year to support the next round of contestants.”

Guillaume, who currently worked for Auckland-based company Natural Habitats, says he wants to use the win as a launchpad for his future goals.

“I want to be a project manager, and the competition helped me realise there’s so much I need and want to learn first." Guillaume says it was a great day out with competitors who understood the spirit of Young Landscaper of the Year competition.

Guillaume wins $2,500 cash and an entry to the Young Horticulturist of the Year awards, as well as a 12-month affiliate membership to Registered Master Landscapers. Runner-up David Rose from Goom Landscaping receives $1,500 cash.

A special thanks to Prebbles Turf World, Allied Concrete, PlaceMakers, Firth, Resene, Husqvarna, Straightcurve, Milwaukee and the hosts Bark Wholesalers.

Read more about the competition tasks and Guillaume’s fellow competitors in the upcoming issue.


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