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Pristine pool fencing

Summer is the time to enjoy outdoor spaces to their full potential – and a pool is the dream addition for many homeowners with space to accommodate one. While fencing pool areas is a legal requirement, the aesthetic appeal, durability and easy maintenance of those barriers are often key concerns for pool owners. These fencing solutions, available from PlaceMakers, are designed to take care of all of the above

Scenik Frameless Glass Fencing

When it comes to Scenik glass fencing, the allure of unobstructed views and elegant aesthetics is unparalleled. To maintain that beauty and longevity, EnduroShield coating is a game-changer, offering enhanced durability and protection to keep your clients’ glass fencing looking pristine for years to come.

Scenik Frameless Glass Fencing is high-quality, engineered, frameless glass fencing and balustrade. All glass is 12mm toughened safety glass with the PAS Mark AS/NZ 2208 safety glass marking on every panel.

The wonders of EnduroShield

1. Long-lasting protection EnduroShield is a cutting-edge, nanotechnology-based coating that forms a protective layer on the glass. This transparent and invisible shield repels water, oil, and grime, making maintenance a breeze and preserving the glass' clarity.

2. Easy maintenance Thanks to the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of the EnduroShield coating, water and oils bead up and easily slide off the glass. Cleaning becomes effortless, requiring less frequency, making it a convenient choice for busy homeowners.

3. Enhanced scratch resistance The protective layer created by EnduroShield coating provides enhanced resistance against scratches, ensuring Scenik glass fencing maintains its pristine appearance despite regular use and exposure to the elements.

Fentec’s Mansion & Delta Fencing

When choosing a pool fence, there are safety features that must be considered, such as a minimum height, secure gates and the right hardware.

While keeping all these things in mind, Fentec’s Delta and Mansion designs are sure to elevate your client’s entire backyard, creating a perfect oasis for those long summer days by the pool.

Mansion Fencing

  • Modern, sleek and extra strong.

  • A double top rail and square vertical bars.

  • Comes standard in three different heights with matching pedestrian gates for a complete solution.

Delta Fencing

Cost-effective solution for pool fencing without compromising on strength or style.

1200H pool-compliant option available with matching pedestrian gates and safety hardware.

Available in an adjustable raking panel for those more difficult jobs.

Aluminium can provide the strength of steel with one third of the weight. It has an innate resistance to atmospheric conditions, which, coupled with a powder-coated finish, means rust will never be problem.

Talk to your nearest PlaceMakers representative to discuss the benefits of these products for your next pool project!


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