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Hemp: Sustainable weed control

Introducing FuturFiber™ Hemp as a sustainable solution for landscapers

In the ever-evolving world of landscaping and architecture, finding innovative and eco-friendly solutions is paramount. Advance Landscape Systems is thrilled to present FuturFiber™, a game-changer in erosion and weed control blankets. Crafted from 100% natural fibres, this revolutionary product combines the strength of hemp with the moisture management of wool. The result? A resilient and environmentally conscious solution that will transform your projects.

Advance Landscape Systems is constantly striving to innovate and develop earth-friendly landscape solutions and, on our journey, Head of Business Development Greg Suckling recognised the potential of utilising the by-product of medicinal hemp in the landscaping industry, which inspired the creation of FuturFiber™hemp weed suppression matting.

Grown, sourced, and manufactured in the South Island, FuturFiber™ is meticulously designed and manufactured to excel in functionality and sustainability. Renowned for its durability, hemp imparts incredible strength to the blanket's construction. This ensures long-lasting protection against soil erosion, even in the most demanding environments, while preventing warping and shrinkage, which can occur over long installations.

Meanwhile, wool takes the lead with its exceptional weed control and moisture management properties. By maintaining soil moisture, regulating temperature and suppressing weeds, this solution facilitates the thriving growth of plants, ultimately resulting in the development of a natural and flourishing canopy cover.

FuturFiber™ is biodegradable and leaves no trace once its purpose is fulfilled. Furthermore, it can be paired with the Biopeg™ biodegradable pin, aligning with sustainability principles and giving you peace of mind as you create stunning landscapes.


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