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Help make Seb’s year!

We need your landscaping skills to create a backyard haven for a kid so sick he has been isolated from his friends for over a year. We’ll arrange the supplies - but would appreciate any assistance. Will you donate your time and know-how? We’ll also feed the team and share the story of your generous donation to the HELL and NZ Landscaper nationwide audiences - we’ll even work on some other local media coverage

Seb Turner is a four-year-old boy from Lincoln in Christchurch who has had a really tough year! Pizza company HELL’s Satan’s Little Helper (SLH) is keen to help.

He has a rare, life-threatening condition called Aplastic Anaemia, which has been treated with chemotherapy. The treatment means his immune system is severely compromised, so he has had to be isolated from other kids his age.

He has no siblings and lives with his mum Caroline, who contacted SLH to help provide Seb with somewhere to play. Their yard is in a pretty rough state right now!

The house backs onto Lincoln University’s grounds, and native birds are often coming over the fence. Seb loves to help out with the weeding and even has his own gardening set, imagine what he could do with a vege patch!

Satan’s Little Helper (, a programme run by HELL, was created to bring a bit of joy to young people and their families who are going through a tough time. Since it started seven years ago, HELL has made heaps of kids and young people smile thanks to varying act of kindness, from new technology to help in the classroom to a well-deserved family holiday. For this one, we’re going to need some help!

Can you and your business spare a few hours for this great little cause? Maybe a couple of businesses could work together or give the apprentices a chance to show their stuff. The results will be published in NZ Landscaper Magazine and through HELL’s digital and social media.

Together, we can make Seb’s life a bit less hell-ish!


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