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Deccan leaves no stone unturned

There isn’t much that Deccan Stone doesn’t deliver. A sustainable product, an excellent price and recycled materials – the company does it all

Deccan Stone founder and director Paul Rice has a wide range of industry knowledge and, in addition to running a successful landscaping company, happens to be an expert in one material that can reduce the carbon footprint of landscaping jobs, particularly on streetscapes, private driveways or anything that handles vehicles – stone.

“Not only does stone have a much-reduced carbon footprint per metre, it also looks great in situ,” says the veteran landscaper.

“While concrete can degrade over time, stone has the advantage of being durable forever and is trafficable.

“Plus, it just looks superior. I don’t want anyone to opt for concrete and then spend the next 20 years wishing they’d gone for stone.”

Going around again

While Paul has built his business on selling stone sourced from overseas, he recently acquired a tonne (or more!) of stone destined for the Christchurch CBD rebuild, which ended up surplus to requirements.

“As a result, I’m selling it below replacement cost, which is a pretty good deal for commercial-grade granite and bluestone,” says Paul.

“We’ve had many very happy customers when they saw that price.”

The unused stone is available in fairly small dimensions, ranging from 80 to 150mm thick.

Surplus stock isn’t Paul’s only success from leaving no stone opportunity unturned – he's on a mission to help more landscapers than ever work with environmentally friendly materials. In fact, he’s started buying and selling reclaimed stone as well.

“I find that a lot of landscapers use it for paving and walling,” explains Paul. “It takes time to build up stock, as you have to buy bits and pieces here and there but, because I have a site where I can collect it, I gradually have enough that someone can call up and be able to access sufficient materials for a full project.”

Insider knowledge

As someone who founded his own landscape business in 2004, Paul understands the industry inside out and strives to provide the best possible service to fellow landscapers.

“My point of difference is our dimensional accuracy, the consistency of colour and high-quality packaging, which ensures the stone arrives on site in pristine condition. I understand how important that is for landscapers and their customers.” Paul decided what supplier he wanted to work with when he was on site in the UK.

“There was one supplier, whose stone stood out from the rest for the reasons I mentioned above, so when I came back to New Zealand and started the business, I immediately got in touch.

“I’ve been working with that supplier since 2005, and I know the quality of the material is going to be excellent every time.”

Paul says he’ll ship anywhere in New Zealand and reckons his industry experience and the way he runs the businesses sets him apart from the rest.

“I believe in a fair deal. It’s all about the quality of my product, my practical knowledge and providing a decent price to my customers. At the end of the day, they’re dealing with a tradie, not a salesperson, and they respond to that.”


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