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Beautiful blurred boundaries

Goom Landscapes blurred interior and exterior boundaries to great effect in its 'The Vibe' project to win this year's Premier Award

The project sought to “create a space that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, while standing out as a unique and aesthetically pleasing addition to the existing house,” said Sarah Bradshaw from Goom Landscapes.

LoD judges agreed that Goom nailed its brief!

“This small courtyard space contains a series of well-crafted, interconnected spaces, which blur the boundaries between inside and out,” noted the judges’. “There is a playful relationship between the semi-enclosed lounge space with its generous fireplace and the open garden terrace.”

The Vibe didn’t come without its challenges, however. Sarah added that the site was hemmed in by the neighbour’s roofline, while the design also needed to maintain a cool and comfortable interior space without disrupting the flow of natural light.

“The design aimed to maximise the available space and complement and enhance the site, rather than overwhelming it, while the sunlight issue was solved by incorporating elements that provide shade without completely blocking the light, creating a delicate balance between the two.

“By carefully positioning the fireplace, the design achieved a functional division of space while maintaining an open and connected atmosphere,” said Sarah.

The LoD judges agreed that the design choices enabled the project to feel ‘larger than it is’,

while making time to praise the plant selection and placement, with an emphasis on English-style plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas, hostas and camellias.

“Bespoke white timber louvres were skilfully placed to enhance the depth of space, making the garden feel larger than it is.

At the same time, these screens also help to frame the planting, creating slices, like small windows, along the boundary.

“The planting itself is diverse and joyfully exuberant, and the plant selection expresses a strong interest in, and skill with, a wide range of plant species. This charming space is perfect for outdoor entertaining.”


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