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Tipping the Scales

The whole rebranding exercise has been huge for us,” says Kylie. “We’ve seen a big change in where our leads are coming from – with many having seen our vehicles on the road.”

The latest in the company’s eye-catching fleet is a new 6T Canter Tipper, a purchase which followed that of a 1.7T digger some months previously.

“I knew we’d make use of a truck,” says Reuben. “Our operations manager wanted us to buy one and a quick crunch of the numbers convinced us it was the way to go.”

Convinced by recommendations and their own experiences, FUSO Canter was the only truck on their radar. “There was never an alternative for us. All the good feedback we’ve heard made it the clear choice,” says Reuben.

“The whole process has been excellent and servicing from Diesel & Equipment Services has been fantastic,” says Kylie. “We just can’t imagine the business without it now, and the fact that any of our team can drive it on a regular licence is an added bonus.”

Reuben has been behind the wheel and says it handles “really well – it’s ideal for working around Wellington, accessing tight driveways, and it spins on a dime”.

“The best thing is that we’re masters of our own destiny. We can take on larger projects without having to assess if we can handle the job, because we know we have the gear to get it done. I’d definitely buy another Canter if things keep heading in the right direction.”

Canter 616 specs at a glance:

  • 5,995kg GVM

  • 110kW/370Nm

  • Manual or DUONIC AMT

  • 30,000km service intervals

  • Advanced safety model available with optional touchscreen media unit

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