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Timber – but not as you know it!

There are a number of innovative decking products available on the market. In general, they are stable, durable, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing 

Here are three excellent options from the PlaceMakers range for when clients want something out of the ordinary. 

Composite decking 

PlaceMakers composite decking products are a sustainable alternative to traditional timber decks. The technology behind composite decking has improved considerably over the past few years and, with correct installation, performs very well. Composite decking is made from a combination of recycled wood fibre and UV-stable recycled plastic. As it is impervious to moisture, has UV protection and is mould-resistant, it is durable, stable and easy to maintain. The beauty of composite is that it is relatively maintenance-free, retains its colour and doesn’t require recoating for protection.

Thermally modified 

Manufactured from NZ Radiata pine, this is a great choice for eco-friendly consumers, as no chemicals are used in the treatment process. Thermally modified timber is kiln dried at a very high temperature with an organic preservative and treated with a water-repellant for superior  durability. Thermally modified timber is stable, durable, low maintenance and has thermal insulation properties. 

It also comes in a rich chocolate brown colour that doesn’t require ongoing re-staining or oiling, but can be stained or oiled to meet your client’s desired aesthetic. Thermally modified decking has a 15-year built-to-last warranty.

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Chemically modified 

Chemically modified timber is a superior choice for locations where high moisture and UV levels are a concern. The chemically modified timber available at PlaceMakers goes through a non-toxic acetylation process, which permanently modifies the timber to the core. 

The acetylation process greatly reduces the ability of the boards to absorb water, resulting in a more stable and durable product. 

This world-leading technology results in a product with exceptional performance with a 50-year warranty above ground and a 25-year warranty in-ground. Accoya is initially a blonde timber that will silver off over time.

For more on chemically modified timber check out

For more information on decking check out the PlaceMakers Landscaping Catalogue and decking comparison guide or contact your local PlaceMakers Account Manager.  


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