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The perfect playground

Nice Pozi Landscapes picked up the Premier Construction Award for its joyful reimagining of a kids’ play area in the Wellington suburb of Titahi Bay

Judges were delighted with the “thoughtful” consideration in the design and construction of a play-centre in Titahi Bay and praised the high quality of work. In their appraisal, the judges said:

“Supreme construction nous has been used throughout this project, with thoughtful consideration given to facilitate the wide variety play activities of young children. The playful touches engage the children, whether they are running, exploring, playing with water, or simply messing around – all possibilities have been masterfully captured.

“A wonderful mix of timber work demonstrates expert carpentry skills. From the striking splayed ramp built on three axis points and further splay cut, to the square-formed modern take on a fort, high levels of craftsmanship are on display.

“These carpentry skills are complemented by highly competent concreting work. The employment of a reclaimed woolshed timber gutter as the feature water play activity is another masterful touch. This feature is the crowning glory of this project.”

Nice Pozi went into the construction with a very specific design intent, said director Carl Rattenbury.

“This project gave us a real feeling of what landscaping should be – the enhancement of a space to its absolute potential, using materials with meaning and constructing features with a story.”

Emphasis was placed on high-quality, sustainable materials to increase the lifespan of the playground and look after the environment, said Carl.

“We used a large amount of locally sourced and salvaged materials, which we were able to procure locally – minimising freight and carbon impacts.”

Recycled phone poles and a log channel carved from a piece of Totara rescued from a local home were used, while care was taken with the planting to create a cohesive blend to the playground surroundings.

“Our planting pockets were densely planted, which reduces trampling and saves plants, while the water stream drains to a large rain garden.”

To give back to the community, Nice Pozi discounted the final build cost by nearly $15,000 and undertook the entire design process for free.


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