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RML meet-ups and new memberships

The Registered Master Landscapers (RML) has announced the dates for its next round of regional meet-ups, three revised member categories and revealed the date and location of the 2024 Young Landscaper of the Year awards

As part of its plan to simplify the RML’s structure and enhance its appearance to consumers, the Association has decided to group member services under three categories – Design, Build and Maintain – as opposed to the current five, says Board Chair Janet Clarke.

“The Board has been working on simplifying aspects of the Association to make our story to future members, sponsors and the general public more clear and this reflects that,” says Clarke. 

The change is partly inspired by the RML Board’s aim to increase public awareness of the brand, in turn providing more benefits to members.

“Increasing public awareness of the high standards the RML holds members to is a great thing for Registered Master Landscapers, who will be able to capitalise on increased recognition of what it means to be a member,” added Clarke.

“It’s also a good thing for members of the public, who will be better placed to consider landscapers they know will deliver a high standard of work for their next job.”

Upcoming regional meet-ups

The next round of regional meet-ups will be held at the start of May and run from 4:30pm-6pm. They are:

  • 1 May: Christchurch, The Carlton.

  • 1 May: Auckland, The Good Home.

  • 1 May: Wellington, Southern Cross. 

  • 2 May: Bay of Plenty, The Redoubt Bar & Eatery.

  • 8 May: Dunedin. Venue TBC.

“We’re working hard to make the meet-ups a more attractive proposition,” added Clarke. 

“If you have any views on what would make them unmissable, please let us know. And, of course, anyone is welcome to attend the meet-ups, not just RML members!”

Young Landscaper competition announced

The 2024 edition of Young Landscaper of the Year will be held in the spring at the Botanic Gardens in Wellington. This year’s version will be a public event, with other events happening around the showpiece.

This aligns with the RML’s desire to build its reputation with the public at large, says Clarke.

“We plan to make the event more of a public event and there will be other happenings around it, including a dinner on the Saturday evening, celebrating not only the new Young Landscaper of the Year, but also significant members from the many versions of the Association over its history.

“We hope that by placing our showpiece competition in view of the public, it will serve to enhance brand recognition of RML and demonstrate the high skill level of the young landscapers that work for our members.”   


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