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The future looks bright

Paul Bacon is studying for a Diploma in Landscape Design at Unitec. His creation for a residential property earned him the Special Award – Best Project prize and a gold medal for Student Design

The project brief asked Paul to design a sloping beachfront site in Bayswater, on Auckland’s North Shore. It required the addition of a separate yoga studio and a strong connection to the sea in an open-plan layout.

Paul’s design was highly praised by the panel. The judges said: “The overall functionality of the design is especially well-considered and a diverse range of experiences is possible within the site.

“The vegetation is mostly native and all plants have been selected to enhance the habitat potential of the area, while embracing the seaside character of the site. Firmly connected to site and place, the garden would be a delightful place to be in.”

The design links the house to the shore through a series of terraces that allows gradual movement down the site. Each terrace has its own character and is designed in a way that allows for a sense of unity.

A crucial part of the brief, the yoga studio, is integrated under a pool and has a “compelling connection to the garden”.

Finally, the judges concluded their praise by stating: “The technical drawings are clear and comprehensive and the perspective drawing extremely well-executed. Overall, the complete drawing package is impressive. It’s a lovely piece of work.”


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