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Roll on 2023!

I hope you made the most of the break, using it as a chance to refresh both body and mind, and spend time with family. If you’re anything like me, you might have also used it as a chance to look ahead at what 2023 might bring for your business and the industry in general

Looking ahead is the theme of our Landscape Views column this issue – in it, we ask three landscapers if they are anticipating a downturn in the industry. Check out page 4 to see if their views and experiences match yours!

Speaking of picking the brains of fellow landscapers, the RML strategic plan has placed a key focus on the development of regional meetings. As independent business operators, the opportunity to meet up, make connections and share concerns with other landscapers, designers, suppliers and service providers is extremely valuable.

Our guest speakers for the next round of meetings are from Primary ITO. This is a must-attend meeting if you have apprentices or are considering taking some on in 2023!

The dates for our next regional meetings are Wednesday 22 February (Waikato and Wellington) and Thursday 23 February (Christchurch and Auckland).

As good as they are, meet-ups aren’t the only way to learn new things. This issue is bursting with top tips from experts such as Daniel Fitzpatrick, who explains how KPIs can take your business to the next level (page 6), and lawyer Andrew Skinner, who takes you through the ins and outs of staff incentivisation schemes (page 10), as well as horticulture expert Penny Cliffin, who gives us her top tree recommendations for small gardens (page 26). We hope you enjoy the read!

In closing, no doubt 2023 will be a year of change and challenges (hopefully not too many!) for our members but, by working together, we are confident it can be just as successful as 2022.


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