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Meet-ups in full swing

The latest round of Registered Master Landscapers regional meet-ups provided a rare opportunity for landscapers from across the country to get together to discuss the industry, where things are going and simply chew the fat about life in general

Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga and Otago all held local meet-ups in November, which were well attended considering the busy time of year.

Nice Pozi Landscapes director Carl Rattenbury, based in Wellington, said he enjoys the chance to meet and catch up with other RML members face-to-face.

“We’re all working our arses off on various sites, probably just one suburb over from each other, but we don’t run into each other at all, so it’s great for us to be able to get together and it helps me realise that we’re all a lot alike,” said Carl. 

The meet-ups aren’t only for RML members. Also based in Wellington, Ridge Projects director Jack Cooke attended to see what it was all about.

“I know board member Jono Sole from Sole Landscapes, so I thought I’d come down and find out a bit more about the RML and what the benefits of membership are,” he said.

Better serve its members

One topic of discussion was the RML member survey, which was motivated by RML’s commitment to continually assess its value proposition and ensure it delivers what members need, said RML board chair Janet Clarke.

“Thanks to all of those who took the time to respond and provide the feedback we need to keep delivering value for our members,” she added.

All members who participated were also eligible for a $1,000 Husqvarna voucher. 

Nice Pozi’s Carl Rattenbury filled out the survey and said he continued to feel that RML membership gives him a strong presence in the industry.

“It’s a great way to market yourself as a reputable, trusted name in the industry and it’s a good way to benchmark yourself against your peers,” he said.

The next round of meet-ups will be held in February and Janet encouraged those who haven’t attended before to get on board.


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