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Magnum boots offer industry best

Magnum supports the world's hardest-working individuals with protective footwear designed to withstand the rigours of their demanding industries, with features including uncompromising waterproof protection, toe guards and slip resistance

Magnum boots are crafted to exceed the highest standards of performance in the toughest environments. This dedication shines through in its Precision Max and Site Max boots – two styles designed to meet the demands of the New Zealand environment, especially as we head into winter. 

Stay dry and warm this winter

The Precision Max & Site Max boots include advanced MAG-DRY PRO waterproof technology, which ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable in the wettest conditions. The 100% waterproof and breathable bootie membrane offers superior protection against water, while allowing your feet to breathe, preventing moisture build-up. 

Protect your toes 

The composite toe used in Precision Max and Site Max matches the safety rating of steel without the extra weight and provides excellent insulation against extreme temperatures, ensuring comfort in both hot and cold environments.

Step in comfort, all day long

Supporting your every move, the Precision Max & Site Max incorporates a strong heel counter for enhanced stability, composite shank for midfoot support and durability and padded collar for comfort and flexibility. The fully removable, contoured PU footbed adds comfort and accommodates orthotics if needed. 

Stability and safety

The slip-resistant, high traction 300c rubber outsole ensures grip on various surfaces, making the Precision Max & Site Max ideal for professionals in demanding and mixed terrain worksites.

Ladder grips provide additional safety when moving across site and using ladders. Both styles are Electrical Hazard-certified, slip-and-oil-resistant, and the bellows tongue provides a layer of comfort and additional protection from dirt and debris entering the boot. 

Right tool for the job

The Precision Max utilises a cutting-edge material, Clarino. A synthetic, hard-wearing fibre designed specifically for the rugged outdoors, it comes in a mid-cut style for movement and flexibility. The Site Max offers options in both Nubuck or Full Grain leather and incorporates a higher cut, providing added protection.

Built for work

Magnum doesn't settle for "good enough". Its Precision Max and Site Max boots are testament to uncompromising standards and commitment to innovation. Each pair is rigorously tested to exceed global safety standards and deliver maximum comfort.

For those in search of robust, affordable footwear, the Magnum Precision Max and Site Max boots come highly recommended. Magnum’s comprehensive safety features, coupled with comfort-enhancing elements, make them a leading choice for Kiwi tradies.


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