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Fencing made simple

Save time and money with PlaceMakers new EliteScreen innovation – a simple aluminium screening kit with a patented, no-weld system that your customers will love

If your customers are looking for a simple, elegant and cost-effective solution, EliteScreen could be the answer.

EliteScreen is a simple clip-in aluminum screening kit with a patented no-weld system that is

exclusive to PlaceMakers. This easy-to-construct, lightweight product is quick to install and, with

no welding or screwing required, it provides a flawless look.

The package includes all the slats, side frames, screws and spacer blocks required to make a top quality slat screen in one flat packed box and is available in two sizes: 1800mm (wide) x 1200mm (high) and 2400mm (w) x 1800mm (high).

Slats can be easily adjusted with the 9mm, 15mm and 20mm spacing blocks included in the kit. Louvre brackets are available to provide a unique look and desired widths and heights can also be easily cut on site. Matching gate kits at 1000mm (wide) x 1800mm (high), posts and hardware are also available, providing a complete solution.

EliteScreen comes in a range of contemporary powder-coated colours, such as charcoal, grey and white, and is suitable for use in coastal locations. It also comes with a 15-year durability warranty and ten-year coating warranty, giving your customer peace of mind.

Intrigued? Visit or your nearest PlaceMakers store for more information.


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