Composting is a circular solution

Economic and ethical incentives increasingly steer compost and green waste away from landfill. However, composting is more complicated than simply chucking grass clippings in a box in the backyard. One common herbicide, clopyralid, can make compost dangerous for numerous plants, so WasteMINZ looks at ways to get it right

You may have heard the phrase ‘circular economy’, but what does it mean and how does it apply to landscapers? A circular economy is, in simple terms, when materials are reused or recycled rather than being disposed of in landfill, allowing the value of those resources to be maintained for as long as possible. When it comes to the resources landscapers use, green waste is an obvious and valuable material that is highly beneficial when kept out of landfill, and ideally reused as compost. If compost is made and used properly, it can also be a valuable soil enhancer that reduces the need for chemical fertilisers and water.

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