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Be Prepared - issue insights from RML Chair Janet Clarke

As news of builders going into liquidation trickles through between the headlines about record consent numbers, the age-old mantra of ‘be prepared’ is more important than ever for trade businesses. In this issue of NZ Landscaper, we do our best to help you prepare for the road ahead – from business tips to environmental impact and much more. We also have news about the upcoming Young Landscaper of the Year competition

As this issue goes to print, preparations are well under way for what promises to be our biggest event ever. The Landscapes of Distinction entries are in, and it looks like the judges will have some hard decisions to make.

It will be interesting to see if they are in agreement with the outcome of the People’s Choice Award, which closed on 30 June. The introduction of this digital campaign, which showcases entrants to the wider New Zealand public, has been embraced by entrants, sponsors and supporters who shared the content far and wide through their own marketing channels.

This is a reminder of how adapting to change and embracing digital technologies can serve to support growth of our businesses and broaden connections to wider markets through shared values and vision. This approach is key in the business tips article from Next Level Tradie on page 6, which helps you break bad business practices before they land you in hot water.

The ability to adapt – whether it’s investing in workflow software, diversifying your hiring pool or embracing technology – has shown to be a necessary skill over the past few years, and will no doubt continue to be as the market shows signs of economic pressures. Now is the time to look ahead and prepare for how you will manage your business over the coming months.

We hope to continue to support your ability to prepare with insightful and educational content in NZ Landscaper.



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