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Awards of Affirmation

Looking to shed some light on that amazing project you’re working on, or recently completed? Let it shine at Registered Master Landscapers’ 2020 Landscape of Distinction Awards

Dubbed the “highest accolade of professional recognition in the industry”, these awards offer an opportunity for the very best professional landscape businesses of all sizes and specialties to gain recognition and national exposure – across residential and commercial construction, design and maintenance.

Still not sure whether to enter? Read on to hear from past winners about how the award has impacted their business.

Peer Pride

One of New Zealand’s largest landscape design, construction and maintenance companies, Natural Habitats has come a long way since it was started by “a young Kiwi bloke with a green thumb” back in 1978.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, and the now slightly older Kiwi bloke, ‘Head Rake’ Graham Cleary, says winning the overall award at the 2019 Registered Master Landscapers’ Landscapes of Distinction Awards felt like “the affirmation the team deserves”.

Having competed in the awards since 2014 and won a number of smaller awards over the years, Graham says it was quite the milestone.

“There were a lot of very high-quality and deserving entries, so to come away with the overall win is

something the team and I are very proud of.

It was also just a really fun evening to be a part of – we’re already looking forward to competing again this


Graham says the awards provide excellent marketing for winning businesses and any landscaper

that competes.

“Even just by competing, companies are confirming that they are proud enough of their work to put it

forward for consideration. That in itself is testament to quality workmanship.”

Beyond that, Graham appreciates being benchmarked against his peers and the benefits the awards

bring to attracting talented young landscapers.

“The awards are a great opportunity to compare where you are at with your peers, which is a valuable

experience to have.

Winning has also been good for our profile. Having said that, it reminds me that we really should be pushing

the fact that we’ve won a bit more!

“Aside from that, I want to make sure our culture is attractive to talented young landscapers – winning

awards helps to promote the type of workplace they want to be part of.”

Morale Boost

Scott Humphreys, director of 2018 overall winners Humphreys Landscaping, believes there is a

lot to be gained by being part of the awards.

“We gained a lot of media coverage for the awards and the gardens that won. We have certificates displayed in our offices along with the trophies. Our clients like to see these when they come in and it has

definitely boosted the morale of the company.

“Winning was empowering for our staff, as it recognises the hard work they’ve put into developing the gardens to the high standard that was required to beat some very tough competition.

“I highly recommend that all landscapers who are proud of their work enter the awards.”

Award-worthy Event

In addition to the prestige of being awarded the Supreme Award, Graham Cleary says the awards

evening is now worthy of an award itself.

“The awards event is a great format now and provides an amazing networking opportunity for landscapers from around the country. Registered Master Landscapers has really pumped up the value of winning the awards with marketing support and made it into a great evening with a proper gala dinner – one where the whole industry can get together.”


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