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A time of new growth

The winners of the Young Landscaper of the Year (YLOY) competition have been announced and I hope they are all very proud of themselves. They certainly should be, as the talent on display was particularly impressive this year. To continue the theme, this issue features several articles with a focus on our next generation of landscapers

To hear from some of the YLOY winners and judges, turn to the special feature on page 16. If you feel the motivation of your younger staff doesn’t quite match that of our YLOY finalists, it might say more about you than it does about them! For advice about management across the generation divide, turn to our resident business expert on page six.

Our featured Registered Master Landscapers member profile for this issue is Kate Campbell Gardens & Residences. Read about Kate’s fascinating path to landscaping on page 22.

RML wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of its generous sponsors, but what do they get in return? You can find out on page 20!

Before I sign off, I’d like to take the opportunity to say goodbye and thank you to our departing CEO Janine Scott. Janine has been with RML for six years, during which time the LOD awards and the YLOY competition were developed into the brilliant format that we know and love today. Thanks for all your efforts over the years Janine, particularly regarding the reinvigoration of these showpiece events.

Looking ahead, we believe there is a need for a bit of restructuring on the administrative side of things, so the Board is taking its time to determine the best way forward.

We hope you enjoy this issue of NZ Landscaper Magazine, and that this year’s Young Landscaper winners encourage you to put your young talent forward for next year’s competition!


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