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A Standout Stand-on

The Husqvarna V500 series stand-on mower provides excellent performance for commercial mowing

With zero turn capability, rapid mount-dismount accessibilty, unbeatable manoeuvring and ergonomic operation, the Husqvarna 500 is designed to do more in less time. Its compact footprint makes it more efficient in compact or congested areas and means you can fit more in your truck or trailer. The heavy-duty cutting system will allow you to mow faster and longer – with an amazing cut quality.

A V500 stand-on mower is a safe return on investment – every part and detail has been heavily tested to make sure it delivers on durability and performance. It’s been constructed using the toughest materials available for a long and productive product life.

The welded tubular steel frame, cast-iron spindles and heavy-duty, fabricated cutting deck are all made to withstand long years of tough commercial use. For additional peace of mind, it’s all backed by a generous commercial warranty.

Key features:

  • Flip-up, anti-slip operator platform – provides option to stand on or walk behind.

  • 7-gauge heavy-duty fabricated deck, 2” by 3” 11-gauge steel frame, and cast iron spindles – guarantees durability and dependability.

  • Fully pressure-lubricated, twocylinder FX751 Series Kawasaki V-Twin engine with oil pump and oil filter – ensures quiet and powerful performance.


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