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A diverse approach

Morgan + Pollard wins Landscapes of Distinction Landscape Construction Award for Rolleston library project

An “innovative and skilfully constructed entry space” for a library complex in Rolleston ensured Morgan + Pollard Landscapes emerged as a worthy winner of the Landscape Construction Award.

Designed in collaboration with Waitaha School, whose students are neurodiverse, Te Ara Atea carries numerous carefully places texture and elements of construction.

“While alone these are some fine finishes, when they are placed in the palette of the layout, they are transformed into a flowing, eye-catching event,” said the judges. “A challenging amount of concrete placed in an exposed area sits quite seamlessly and flows into some rumbled finishes of bricks stacked in soldier formation, and then some well laid out mosaic tiled surfaces.”

Keeping it smooth

Morgan + Pollard also paid special attention to avoid sharp lips and dangerous edges, which could harm children, while an impressive array of carpentry skills were on show thanks to the curved timber elements used for seating and paths.

“In a world where squares and straight lines dominate most designs, a softer approach has been thought out for this project, allowing a rather playful and softer feel to all the areas you can sit in and use.”

The project included a wheelchair-activated musical timber boardwalk and an individually-placed river stone rumble walk. Overall, the layout seems to pay homage to a Māori Tiki with its circular linked areas, each skilfully constructed with a fun, vibrant transition for one of the key thresholds from the main street through to the new town square.


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