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Working post lockdown 101

In order to support landscapers in their return to work, Registered Master Landscapers, in conjunction with support from New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated and the New Zealand Construction Industry Council, developed thorough guidelines to aid businesses in adhering to the new regulations

These guidelines, which were sent directly to members prior to the commencement of Level 3, reflect the protocols brought out by MBIE for construction work on residential sites, and input from NZPPI and NZCIC on health and safety.

Supporting the industry

The aim of producing these industry-specific guidelines is to support PCBUs working in landscaping and/or plant growing to operate in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015).

The Act requires PCBUs to produce plans and processes – in this instance for the control of Covid-19 – which are then implemented through the process of worker education and practice to eliminate or reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 to maintain worker health.

These protocols are to be added to a company’s standard Health and Safety procedures, and as such will be reviewed as part of regular Toolbox meetings.

The protocols are separated into five sections:

  • Prior to commencement of work.

  • Starting back on site.

  • Site operations.

  • Leaving site.

  • Emergency Management Protocols.

Be in the know

Want to make sure you receive this type of information in times of need? Make sure to become a member of RML or NZPPI, so you’re first on the list to receive up-to-date support and information to help you stay on top of any situation.


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