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Timber Time

PlaceMakers is home to a wide range of timber (and timber-look) products that could be the perfect match for your landscaping job!

Treated timber is a vital material in New Zealand’s building infrastructure and there is an increasing number of products available with a more sustainable focus for eco-minded landscapers and customers. New generation timber treatment provides the equivalent performance as H3.2 Treated timber in NZ and meets requirements for H3, H4 & H5 AS/NZS1604.1.


Protim Micro is a revolutionary Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) preservative, which uses a low-odour solvent option to deliver fully dry dimensionally stable timber products for use in any application where the H3.2 or lower hazard class is specified. There are also options to treat to the hazard classes of H4 and H5, as the preservative is approved under the joint New Zealand and Australian standard AS/NZS1604.

Protim Micro has a number of benefits:

  • 50-year limited durability warranty against decay, fungi, termite and borer attack.

  • Removes the need to redry timber after treatment by using a solvent carrier instead of water.

  • Eliminates degradation and timber distortion associated with traditional re-drying processes.

  • Eliminates fillet marks and discoloration caused by re-drying.

  • The timber products can be glued after treatment.

  • Eliminates the cost of disposal for treated wood shavings.

Protim Micro also provides long-term protection traditionally associated with waterborne preservatives such as chromated copper arsenate.

CodeRIGHT timber products

CodeRIGHT DryFrame timber products treated with Protim Micro are fully backed by a CodeMark certification for structural timber applications in New Zealand. This new generation timber treatment provides the equivalent hazard class protection of H3.2 treated timber in New Zealand and H3, H4 and H5 in Australia.

CodeRIGHT timber products treated with Protim Micro offer several benefits, including:

  • A reduced, low-chemical footprint compared to traditional preservative treatments, as it does not contain heavy metals such as arsenic and chromium. It removes the high cost to dispose of CCA shavings and CCA wood products at end of life.

  • Increased dimensional stability over traditional timber product dried after wet treatment, free of fillet marks and discoloration after kiln drying and with consistency in sizing.

  • A full 50-year limited durability warranty against decay fungi and insect attack.

  • It fully complies with the durability requirements contained with section B2/AS1 of the New Zealand Building Code.


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