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Next-generation CAT

Boasting industry-first features and an impressive level of standard specification, Cat’s next-generation mini excavator range is changing the game for owner/operators following their arrival in New Zealand

There are four Cat models in the 1.5 to 2-tonne range, ideal for the landscaping industry. National distributor Terra Cat says the range is packed with features that haven’t been seen on machines of this size before, and interest has been piqued as a result.

“Caterpillar has engineered an air-conditioning system for the cab of the 1.8-tonne excavator that won’t undermine machine performance, representing a real game-changer for the industry,” says Terra Cat Product Manager James Lundy.

“The most notable change is the introduction of Stick Steer, exclusive to Cat’s next-generation mini excavator models. This allows an operator to switch into travel mode with the press of a button, turning the left-hand joystick into a travel joystick. Another simple press of the same button switches the machine back into traditional excavator controls.”

Lundy says that cruise control, auto two-speed and blade float functions all complement stick steer by allowing the operator to easily put the machine into cruise control, much like a car, and continue to steer while travelling and operating the blade.

“Simply put, this combination of technology ensures there is no more effective way of moving or back-filling than in one of these machines.”

Other features in this Cat range include Bluetooth phone connectivity, tiltable cabs for servicing and the option of a pressurised and sealed cab to minimise dust and sound impact. They also feature auto idle and expandable undercarriages for tight-access sites as standard.

“We welcome the opportunity to show how these machines can make a difference in the local landscaping industry.”

For more information on Cat Next Generation Mini Excavators, visit or phone 0800 93 39 39.


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