Insurance 101 for Landscapers

Are you and your business protected from key areas of risk? Arm yourself with some professional advice from Builtin Insurance – New Zealand’s trade insurance experts.

At Builtin, we deal with thousands of tradies up and down the country, so we know insurance isn’t anybody’s favourite topic! While it’s not something you want to think about, it is something you need to have, and need to have properly arranged.

Having to replace an expensive asset that’s been stolen or damaged, or getting tied up in an expensive liability issue, can hammer a small business – not only financially; it can take an emotional toll on the contractor and their family too.

For larger firms, their exposure to risk is greater, as is their capacity to manage it. For company managers and directors, getting the right professional advice and having good risk management practices in place, including insurance cover, is a critical (and legal) duty.

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