From ‘boy-racer’ to President

A long-time industry veteran and former President of NZ Landscaping, Adam Pollard’s passion for landscaping is rivalled only by his dedication to encouraging young people to join the industry he loves

Adam was introduced to landscaping at any early age, through his father, Roger, who co-owned Morgan and Pollard Landscaping. Despite the heritage, and 25 years in the industry, it didn’t always go smoothly.

“As most rural kids will relate to, when I was young, I helped my dad out with whatever needed doing. That included mowing our 100-acre paddocks on a tractor at the age of 11. That’s how I got my first under-age driving ticket! The cop who stopped me said I needed to be 12 to drive a tractor between paddocks, which now seems far too young! Fortunately, he let me off the $150 fine with a warning, because at $2.80 an hour, it was going to take me a long time to pay it off!”

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