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Double win for Judges Recognition

Morgan + Pollard 's school project took home its second Landscapes of Distinction award, while Humphreys Landscaping joined the party for its Orewa Residence work

The Landscapes of Distinction judges praised the imaginative and creative way Morgan + Pollard met Rolleston School’s requirements for a new basketball court and sports wall.

The company was asked to revitalise and expand the school’s basketball court. The result? “An exuberant, multi-sport space, which encourages children to be both active and interactive.”

The space was created using a rubber surface fittingly made from 8,000 recycled sports shoes. Its bright mosaic of colour is eye-catching and the clever patterns mark full-size and half-size basketball courts, as well as providing the opportunity for students to invent their own games.

An advantage of the recycled surface is its performance, said the judges.

“The slight springiness of the rubber surface invites running and jumping, while encouraging risk-taking since there will always be a soft landing. The whole surface supports imaginative, active play.”

Challenges overcome in style

Humphreys Landscaping was awarded one of the two Judges Recognition prizes for its complicated pool engineering project – a large undertaking that required the team to juggle hundreds of hours of work and over 40 companies to complete one luxury pool.

“The completed pool area that exudes luxury has a real dreamy feel as you perch almost dangling out on the edge of the cliff,” said the judges. “It’s what you can’t see, which is even more impressive – extensive engineering, underground water, power, drainage and tonnes of concrete and steel.”


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