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Daltons announces new partnership

Daltons NZ has formed a partnership with Syngenta ANZ that will see investment in a range of plant protection products and provide unique options for Kiwi landscapers

Speaking about the new partnership, Syngenta ornamentals business manager Dan Docherty said that one of the key benefits for Kiwi landscapers will be easier access and more support for innovative products such as Barricade and Acelepryn.

“Barricade is an innovative weed management tool for the landscape market,” said Dan. "It’s a preventative pre-emergent herbicide, which can be sprayed to stop weeds germinating for up to six months. You can also apply it across the top of plants and it won’t affect them, which results in a significant labour saving.”

This proactive weed management solution is designed to bind tightly to the soil, creating a preventative barrier to weeds while allowing established plants to grow normally.

Dan said this proactive approach creates an opportunity to reduce Glyphosate consumption by around 90%. This is because post control using Glyphosate is only required twice per year, making it more environmentally friendly and less taxing on staff and labour requirements.

New technology, unique product

The second new product highlighted by Dan, Acelepryn, has a “unique mode of action”, he said.

“It targets an insect’s muscle systems instead of its central nervous system, which most other insecticide do.”

Dan also pointed to its effective duration as another unique benefit.

“One application can last up to six months, which offers extensive season-long control. There is also minimal personal protective equipment required when handling the product, and there is no re-entry requirement to be managed post-application," said Dan. "With most other products, you have to manage re-entry into your sprayed area, but with Acelepryn you can put it out and walk into the area immediately.”

He said these benefits make it ideal for landscapers working on areas where people gather, such as sports fields, schools and amenity areas.

“I really wish I had access to this product when I was managing a golf course!”

Both products are available through Daltons in liquid and granular form, for nursery and landscape industry use.

More investment into NZ research

Dan said the partnership will enable Syngenta to invest in research that produces more innovative products for the New Zealand market.

“We’re a global research and development company that spends up to $1bn per year developing new products, but the partnership with Daltons increases market distribution, access and awareness to these innovative products,” he said.

“It also gives us an opportunity to invest in new products that will be registered for the New Zealand market. It’s great from an end-user perspective, because it gives landscapers access to the latest technology that is fully backed and supported by the manufacturer.”


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