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Be part of the solution

Interlink offers landscapers a simple yet sustainable way to make an impact in their work – using sustainably sourced, reclaimed timber for retaining, fencing and stabilising

There is a growing cultural change in New Zealand |and globally towards minimising waste and raising awareness around using materials that are healthier for people, economies, and the planet. With organisations like NZ Green Building Council and the Living Future Institute bringing the tools, resources and knowledge to create higher performing builds, we can reduce our impact on the environment.

Recycling timbers allows for a slower release of carbon into the atmosphere. Avoiding landfills and burn-offs and instead re-purposing a hardwood in a home or public space does make a difference in our national and global output of CO2. Carbon retention is no longer exclusively for the eco-savvy consumer, but now something at the forefront of all industries to create change.

The ‘built environment’ makes up around 20% of New Zealand’s total consumption emissions – a statistic that needs to improve with further forethought into material selection and performance. Increasing the use of sustainably sourced, reclaimed timbers is a great option to consider. New Zealand is experiencing a cultural shift and general awareness around what productivity can look like moving forward.

Along with reducing emissions, the fight towards eradicating deforestation continues. Global demand for transparency in supply chains has created a new ‘norm’ for suppliers and their customers that expect (and demand) that ecosystems and wildlife are left alone, and conservation efforts are made.

Interlink’s reclaimed timber is a part of this change towards sustainable design and minimising the impact on the environment. As consciously considered designs grow, we hope to see our products used more and more to help make an impact.


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