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Well done winners!

The winners of the Landscapes of Distinction Awards and Young Landscaper of the Year competition have been announced and some incredible projects and people took home the top prizes. In this issue of NZ Landscaper Magazine, we feature our Young Landscaper of the Year and Premier Award winners – showcasing the talent, dedication and hard work of landscaping companies around the country

While the awards provided a great opportunity to celebrate top talents and innovative projects, it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows this winter – bad weather has plagued the country from top to bottom. In this issue, we pick the brains of three landscape bosses to see how they kept staff morale up during prolonged bad weather, while still meeting client expectations.

Last issue I mentioned concerns the economic landscape may be turning a little and, while a downturn is still being debated, our business coach has you covered. On page 12, he shares tips on how you can come out of any financial downturn in better shape than you went in.

In any level of downturn, there will always be people feeling the strain. It’s never been a better time to check in on your mates and make sure they’re okay. Even better, take some training so you can spot the warning signs – which is exactly what simPRO and MATES are urging everyone in the industry to do.

We hope you enjoy this issue of NZ Landscaper Magazine, and that this year’s Landscape of Distinction winners encourage you to seek your own award at next year’s event!


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