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Diva’s delight!

Diva Landscapes walked away with the Garden Maintenance award thanks to its tireless work at the Millbrook Resort in Central Otago

The luxury resort in Arrowtown is renowned for its high-end accommodation and golf course. Its beautiful grounds include a semi-formal garden that has exacting requirements.

“Designed by Suzanne Turley Landscapes, the garden creates privacy and intimate spaces without compromising the expansive mountain views,” explained Simon Leversedge from Diva Landscapes.

“It is semi-formal and structured in keeping with Millbrook Resort's palette of mainly native species, with exotic trees lending vertical height and a splash of autumn colour in a parkland setting.

Attention to detail

Diva Landscapes is contracted to provide garden maintenance services to the 2,027m2 property, and enacts a strict plan to ensure it is kept in perfect condition. In total, Simon and his landscapers spend around 40 hours per month at the site.

“[The client has] a great eye for detail and dislikes untidy tussock, rainbow grass and carex. They also like the garden to be full to bursting; to achieve this, we have filled in with extra plants throughout the tussock beds and utilised ground covers.”

Meeting its clients exacting demands is an area the firm excels in, said the LoD judges.

“Extensive plant knowledge, combined with a maintenance regime that demonstrates an exceptional degree of sensitivity, has led to a garden that supports and enhances the overall design intent.

“The maintenance team is commended for its skilful handling of every aspect of plant management. This garden seems flawless yet is delightful, engaging and a joy to be in.”

Alongside the maintenance responsibilities, Diva Landscapes also takes great care to treat the environment it works in.

“Green waste is taken to an organic composting facility to avoid landfill waste. We source our compost from this facility and in November we mulch all the garden beds to enrich the soil, regulate soil temperature and ensure moisture retention.”


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