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Discover the art of pool coping

Does your client want to create the ultimate summer sanctuary with a pool? Deccan Stone has a secret ingredient you won't want to overlook: pool coping. Pool coping isn't just a finishing touch –it's a statement of elegance and purpose

The grind of the winter months has many New Zealanders looking forward to warmer weather and all the fun that comes with it – beaches, baches and, closer to home, swimming pools!

With that in mind, landscapers might now be experiencing an increase in enquiries from clients keen to see how they could turn their yard into a place to enjoy the summer sun – including the addition of a swimming pool.

This can come with complexities. The installation of a pool can dramatically alter a property’s landscape, so it’s important to consider how it will be styled to ensure any original beauty isn’t lost. This is precisely where Deccan Stone distinguishes itself, says founder and director Paul Rice.

Finesse the environment

“Our pool coping is ideal for adding a little finesse to your client’s project and enhancing any pool area. Our custom-made, drop-face internal and external L-shaped corner units are designed specifically for fiberglass and concrete pools to help to enhance pool copings.”

Being custom-made comes with several advantages, adds Paul. “The copings are made to fit the moulded shell of the fiberglass, which makes them easier to install. This means reduced labour costs – with the added advantage of a seamless appearance for an all-round better look.”

Expertly crafted from high-quality natural stone – including schist, granite, bluestone or sandstone – and porcelain, the corner units are built to withstand New Zealand’s diverse weather conditions, from the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North.

“Natural stone doesn’t fade or wear, so it retains its texture and colour indefinitely,” adds Paul.

“The corner units also create additional seating or lounging space, which enhances their functionality.”

A deep understanding of the industry

As the owner of a successful landscaping company, Paul understands what clients want and what landscapers need to deliver the brief.

“I don’t want anyone to regret their product of choice. These corner units enhance the visual flow of a pool, while seamlessly blending into its structure to create a harmonious and cohesive look.”

The units are low maintenance and, can help increase the value of a property. They are available in 1200mm lengths across three profile edges – round, bullnose and drop-face – and work with several renowned pool brands such as Freedom, Bermuda, Compass, Narellan, Lagoon, Penguin and Niveau.

“If there’s a particular profile or thickness that would suit your client’s project, Deccan Stone offers made-to-order solutions," says Paul.

Ultimately, the product is designed to deliver a better experience for landscapers and clients – a true win-win situation.

“The reason I like this product is that it’s superior in many ways,” says Paul. "It simplifies landscapers' installation process, and it’s far more attractive than installing a swimming pool with sharp corners and edges.”


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